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Madurai - 625016

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Courtesy Week

Character Counts! Week

*  World Environmental day celebration

*  Humanities week observance

*  Digi Techno week  observance  

*  Maths week observance

*  English week  observance  

*  SBOA Reads’ festival 

*  Hindi week observance

*  Science week observance 


​We develop a rich blend of contemporary and Traditional values. “Character building is the ultimate end of education”. SBOA School incorporates moral and cultural values at every stage of education. The celebration of the days of great men and women, scientists, national leaders, the celebration of national festivals and the daily    assembly    programme    infuse    in     kids      the    importance    of   moral and cultural values.  The school aspires to excel by means of meticulous planning and flawless execution.

The School is keen on imparting the significance of courtesy to the students. Courtesy Week witnesses the students’ learning to respect teachers and elders.

The school encourages the students to adhere to the principles of health & hygiene in their day to day lives. Health & Hygiene week teaches the students the importance of being healthy and the benefits of hygienic practices. Health centre at school organizes various programmes for the students to embed in them these values.

Health & Hygiene Week

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